About Us

Growth Velocity was founded by Willem Maas, who has made B2B technology his career focus for over 20 years.

Willem has led product marketing and product management for both private (HangIt, Vigilent, USGBC) and public (FICO, Pega, Adobe) technology companies. Willem was also the Founder and CEO of GreenHomeGuide.com, acquired by U.S. Green Building Council.

Willem’s advice on Win/Loss Analysis has been published by B2B sales and marketing leaders such as Pragmatic Institute, Sales Hacker, and the PMA.

Growth Velocity is a virtual team of five experts in qualitative research, questionnaire design and programming, quantitative analysis, transcription, and participant recruiting.

We’re Different In Four Key Ways

1. Maximum Value From Your Pool Of Wins And Losses

Last year, 63% of the buyers we contacted agreed to an interview. Loss feedback can be hard to get, but it's essential. So we don't count on automation alone. Lost deals shouldn't turn into lost learning opportunities.

2. In-Depth, Customized Interviews

"Great insights for us to act on." "Made an impact throughout the company." "Rigorous, consistent and reliable method to interview customers and prospects." Clients love our in-depth, customized interviews. These quotes show it. We don't just ask a question and get an answer. We improvise new questions. We follow-up. We probe. We dig deep.

3. We Make It Actionable, So You Don't Have To

Win-loss dashboards can look more valuable than they are. Take the table of "Why We Win" and "Why We Lose" reasons. Interesting, but be ready to explain it. Your stakeholders can't fix or exploit gaps they don't understand. We dedicate most of a win-loss presentation to explaining buyer assessments. GenAI helps, but requires human oversight. We do this analysis, quoting, and reporting for you.

4. Scale Without A Subscription

We automate outreach and interviews without installing anything new into your CRM. No security review needed. No installation and configuration needed. We leverage the built-in capabilities and integrations of software you already have. So you don't need a subscription to our service to continue using this automated process.

I was impressed by the quality and depth of the buyer interviews. Willem is politely persistent and gets real nuggets from people that it’d be hard for us to get on our own.

Dave Martin | VP, Worldwide Sales & Alliances