About Us

Growth Velocity’s mission is to help B2B software companies win more—by quickly adapting to the behavior, perceptions, and experience of their buyers.

We’re a team of qualitative and quantitative research experts that specializes in Win/Loss Analysis.

Growth Velocity was founded by Willem Maas, who has led product marketing and product management at both startups and major technology companies. Willem is also a three-time startup founder and CEO (one acquisition).

Willem’s advice on Win/Loss Analysis has been published by B2B sales and marketing leaders such as Pragmatic Institute, Sales Hacker, and the PMA.

Three Ways We’re Different

Growth Velocity is different from other Win/Loss Analysis consulting firms in three ways.

1. Detailed And Nuanced Buyer Debriefs

We use best practices to make our interviews and surveys more effective in the short time we have with each buyer. We've developed these best practices using our decades of primary research experience, cognitive bias research by Kahneman and others, and business strategy. These best practices give structure to our interviews. But because we take the time to understand your offering, we're able to go "off script" to probe for deep understanding.

2. Thorough Analysis And Objective Presentation

Debriefing buyers generates a large volume of data. Growth Velocity analyzes all this raw data. We find the key factors driving wins and losses. And we provide supporting quotes from buyer interviews. Then we present our findings and recommendations to client teams, and engage with stakeholders.

3. Faster Insight

We're faster to get you a high confidence level understanding of win/loss patterns. One reason for this is we combine interviews and surveys in a mixed methods design. But even when we're only interviewing, we can complete 20-30 buyer interviews in as little as 1-2 months. We then have enough coverage of the issues to be highly confident of the patterns. Services that use a subscription delivery model will also identify win/loss patterns. But that requires waiting until 20-30 interviews have been completed. This can take 3 quarters or more.

I was impressed by the quality and depth of the buyer interviews. Willem is politely persistent and gets real nuggets from people that it’d be hard for us to get on our own.

Dave Martin | VP, Worldwide Sales & Alliances


We are joined by a virtual team of experts in qualitative and quantitative market research, and B2B technology sales and marketing.