About Us

Growth Velocity’s mission is to help B2B software companies win more—by quickly adapting to the behavior, perceptions, and experience of their buyers.

We’re a team of qualitative and quantitative research experts that specializes in Win/Loss Analysis.

Growth Velocity was founded by Willem Maas, who has led product marketing and product management at both startups and major technology companies. Willem is also a three-time startup founder and CEO (one acquisition).

Willem’s advice on Win/Loss Analysis has been published by B2B sales and marketing leaders such as Pragmatic Institute, Sales Hacker, and the PMA.

Three Ways We’re Different

Growth Velocity is different from other Win/Loss Analysis consulting firms in three ways.

1. Findings And Recommendations You’ll Want Everyone To See

After debriefing a critical mass of recent buyers, we study the data and analyze it deeply to identify the top factors driving wins and losses. Then we surface specific opportunities and gaps and make recommendations based on them. We invest the time this deep, thoughtful analysis requires so that our clients can confidently share our findings and recommendations as a go-to resource for the entire company.

2. No Vendor Lock-In

We’ve made a different decision about access to your data. The output of Win/Loss Analysis is a valuable data store about your buyers and competitors and how they’re evolving over time. This includes: interview transcripts, survey responses, topic indexes, charts and graphs, etc. Rather than embed data and reports in our own custom software, we save everything in industry standard file formats. Our clients don’t feel locked in, because use of their win/loss data store can’t be interrupted or impaired by the vendor relationship with us.

3. Senior Consultant Model

The quality of the findings and recommendations from a Win/Loss Analysis is directly related to the experience of the team. Willem Maas leads all of Growth Velocity’s client projects. Willem designs each client’s win/loss program, debriefs buyers, analyzes the data, and makes recommendations. Joining Willem is a team of independent, senior consultants who specialize in buyer outreach, qualitative research, transcription, and survey design and analysis. These experts bring decades of experience and commitment to their craft.

I was impressed by the quality and depth of the buyer interviews. Willem is politely persistent and gets real nuggets from people that it’d be hard for us to get on our own.

Dave Martin | VP, Worldwide Sales & Alliances


We are joined by a virtual team of experts in qualitative and quantitative market research, and B2B technology sales and marketing.