About Us

Growth Velocity’s mission is to help B2B software companies win more—by quickly adapting to the behavior, perceptions, and experience of their buyers.

We’re a team of qualitative and quantitative research experts that specializes in Win/Loss Analysis.

Growth Velocity was founded by Willem Maas, who has led product marketing and product management at both startups and major technology companies. Willem is also a three-time startup founder and CEO (one acquisition).

Willem’s advice on Win/Loss Analysis has been published by B2B sales and marketing leaders such as Pragmatic Institute, Sales Hacker, and the PMA.

Three Ways We’re Different

Growth Velocity’s Win/Loss Analysis service is different in three important ways.

1. Detailed And Nuanced Buyer Debriefs

A great interview requires more than just asking a question and getting an answer. And then asking another question and getting an answer. To get a clear understanding of the buyer's decision making, we go much further. We improvise new questions in the moment to help buyers explain something they may have never explained before. We follow-up. We probe. We dig deep.

2. Thorough Analysis And Objective Presentation

Debriefing buyers generates a large volume of data. Growth Velocity analyzes all this raw data. We find the key factors driving wins and losses. We explain the patterns, and document them with buyer quotes. Then we present our findings and recommendations to client teams, and engage with stakeholders. So it’s not about pointing fingers. It’s how can your business continue getting better.

3. Scalable And Efficient

Screening, scheduling, and debriefing buyers requires a choreographed sequence of actions. Marketing management, sales management, sales operations, and AEs are all involved.


This isn't a burden for Growth Velocity's clients. We're skilled project managers. We automate buyer outreach.


But most important is how many buyers respond to our outreach. Because a higher response rate means less work for you. And faster insights. Across all clients in 2021, eighty-two percent of buyers in won deals have agreed to a Growth Velocity interview or survey. And in lost deals, 59.5% of buyers have participated. We deliver the most scalable and efficient win/loss programs in the market.

I was impressed by the quality and depth of the buyer interviews. Willem is politely persistent and gets real nuggets from people that it’d be hard for us to get on our own.

Dave Martin | VP, Worldwide Sales & Alliances


We are joined by a virtual team of experts in qualitative and quantitative market research, and B2B technology sales and marketing.