Win/Loss Analysis Reports: 3 Things You’ll Learn

Which aspects of your product offering and buying experience are helping drive sales? And which aspects are hindering sales? This is what enterprise and mid-market software companies often struggle to understand. A good win/loss analysis report will provide the answers to these questions.

Three Reasons Sales Leaders Want Even More Data About Their Buyers

While B2B sales teams are literally swimming in data, it’s not enough. Data-driven sales leaders are using input directly from buyers to find new ways to improve win rate and lead with conviction.

Data driven targeting improves profitability

Data Driven Targeting And Messaging Increases Profitability

Sales and marketing are typically the largest area of spend for an expansion stage company. Marketing leaders can support increased profitability by reassessing who the strongest buyers are, and developing innovative and data driven ways to target them.

A Win/Loss Survey Can Provide Early Warning Of Competitive Threats

When a competitor realizes their win rate against you is increasing, they’ll look for ways to take market share from you. With an early warning about their gains against you, there’s time to prepare a defense that reduces the market share loss.

How To Get Product And Sales Aligned With Win-Loss Analysis

Technology markets change quickly. The buyers of today are unlikely to have the same needs and priorities and expectations as the buyers of even a year or two ago. So how should we collect feedback from prospective buyers and incorporate it into our roadmap?

How Bad CRM Data Undermines Competitive Advantage

The CRM should provide the market data that is needed to inform decision making and counterbalance overconfidence. But too many CRM implementations are contaminated with bad data.

How The Buyer Sees It: No Business Case, No Decision

How well do you support a technologist without a business case? If you're looking to reduce the "no decisions" in your enterprise pipeline, dig here.

How The Buyer Sees It: How Much Do Tech Analysts Influence Decisions?

How influenced are your buyers by tech analysts like Gartner and Forrester and consulting firms like KPMG, EY, Deloitte, and Accenture? Said another way, how much should I as an enterprise software CMO invest here?

How The Buyer Sees It: Google Wins Before We’re Even Considered

We'd been hired to find ways to win more often against Google's category leading platform. Buyers were selecting Google's analytics and reporting product without even seriously considering an alternative.

How The Buyer Sees It: Even When We Win, Too Many Of Them Churn

The CEO was deeply concerned. "Startup buyers don't understand our business value. It's an afterthought. Even when we win, too many of them churn."

5 Tips For Competitive Battle Cards Sales Will Love

Who better than other buyers to help you decide what to say in a competitive battlecard, and how to say it. Here are five tips for using buyer debriefs to deliver battle cards sales will love.

Selecting A Win/Loss Analysis Consultant? Here Are 5 Tips

Selecting a Win/Loss Analysis consultant is an important decision. Here are five tips for making a good choice.