The champion in a B2B software client’s won deal:

“The [category] is very important. But it is very costly. It’s all about the funding..because stakeholders will be tempted to use a Band-Aid approach.”

How do your sales process and marketing support a technologist without a business case? If you’re looking to reduce the “no decisions” in your enterprise pipeline, dig here. In our win/loss work, buying initiatives that are connected to organizational goals or programs backed by the C-suite are the most likely to be completed. The least likely? Technologists who champion a technology without a justification that’s backed by the “business” side.

While MEDDIC may lead you to qualify them out, what are your other options?

Here’s what I’d suggest, in the spirit of making lemonade from lemons.

Help prospective buyers learn from the buyers who succeeded. You’re probably already interviewing champions in your won deals. Ask them about the early stages of their decision process. You don’t need us for this!

Turn that deeper understanding into more precise and clear messaging.

Content. Both video and written.

Sales tools.

Sales training.

And more!


This short post is part of our series called How The Buyer Sees It. We’re revealing the buyer’s perspective on the puzzles that keep our clients up at night.