We’ve developed the Insight-To-Action℠ methodology for Win/Loss Analysis.

This focused, highly efficient process leverages our expertise and 3d party objectivity to find out what’s really happening in your deals, align stakeholders on priorities, and begin taking action.


Engaging Marketing

Widen the funnel with marketing that's relevant to the buyer's situation, problems, and goals

Differentiated Messaging

Differentiation that motivates because it’s informed by buyer decision criteria

Effective Enablement

Reps enabled to avoid the hurdles of past deals, including claims made by competitors

Churn Prevention

Better handling of buyers with a higher likelihood of churn, either pre- or post-sale

Win Rate Focus

Targeting, qualifying, and prioritizing high win rate scenarios

Differentiated Product

Development priorities that address how a product really stacks up on the capabilities that matter to buyers

“Willem not only got our customers to share openly about the issues that matter to us, but also helped us understand, absorb, and take the right action on them.”

Peter Farago, VP & GM Flurry

“I was impressed by the quality and depth of the buyer interviews. Willem is politely persistent and gets real nuggets from people that it’d be hard for us to get on our own.”

Dave Martin, VP, Worldwide Sales & Alliances, Lightbend

Why should you consider us?

Alignment into action

We use Affinity Diagramming to engage stakeholders in learning from the buyer experience, prioritizing improvements, and owning next steps.


We're skillful interviewers and analysts with decades of experience in buyer and user research, product marketing, and founder roles.


We use technology and well-honed project plans to minimize the impact on you and your team.

It's Your Data

We use industry standard tools and file formats, so you can quickly find mentions of the topic that interests you, and expand on our analysis at any time.



Tips and tricks for increasing sales and marketing conversion with buyer insights. Via email, every other month.

About Us

Growth Velocity was founded by Willem Maas, who has led product marketing and product management at both startups and major technology companies. Willem is also a three-time startup founder and CEO (one acquisition).

Green Tech was Willem’s focus during the early 2000s, first as founder/CEO of GreenHomeGuide.com, a leading consumer destination for green home improvement that was acquired by U.S. Green Building Council. Willem was also VP Product Management at Vigilent, a vendor of AI-driven cooling management. Prior to that, Willem’s work was in the CRM market where he: transformed LikeMinds through five releases at Andromedia (Adobe); led the team at HNC (FICO) that piloted Retention Optimizer for wireless operators; and developed the vision and roadmap for a web-based self-service solution at Inference (eGain).

Joining Willem is a virtual team of experts in qualitative and quantitative research.

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