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Growth Velocity is a team of qualitative and quantitative research experts that provides a best-in-class Win/Loss Analysis service for B2B technology companies.

We work with marketing, sales, and product leaders who want trusted insight into their buyers and competitors.

After debriefing a critical mass of recent buyers, we study the data and analyze it deeply to identify the top factors driving wins and losses. Then we surface specific opportunities and gaps and make recommendations based on them.

We invest the time this deep, thoughtful analysis requires so that our clients can confidently share our findings and recommendations as a go-to resource for the entire company.

Making Win/Loss Analysis Count

On its own, accurate data about each individual win or loss is insufficient.
Making an impact with insight into the patterns driving wins and losses overall.
That’s what is important.
You know it. And we know it.
So you’ll get more than just a report and readout when you work with us.
You’ll get a partner in making a difference with Win/Loss Analysis.
Where do you want to start?

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Graphic showing how to make the business case for Win-Loss Analysis

A formal and rigorous win-loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy choices, and sales enablement … those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen up to 50% improvement in win rates.

Todd Berkowitz | Practice Vice President

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Our Win/Loss Analysis Service produces more than just pretty reports. We partner with you to make an impact. Here’s how we do it.

Plan With A Purpose

Together we set a goal for the win/loss program, and document how and when we’ll measure results. Then, we translate that business objective into a research plan. We scope enough interviews (often just 20) so the reasons you win and lose will be sharp and clear. You'll feel confident taking action.

Ask Savvy Questions

Decision making can be deliberate (System 2), quick (System 1), or both. With the metaphor of filming a documentary, we help buyers relax and share freely about their motivations, perceptions, experience, and decision making. Rather than spend precious interview time on questions like "What did you like/dislike about our product" — common in win/loss interview templates — we derive that data by correlating decision criteria with buying behavior.

Insights To Act On

Once we've dug deep to get data from actual buyers, we'll roll up our sleeves to make it actionable. Matrices, competitive scorecards, and SWOT analysis make major patterns and next steps obvious. Our workshop with stakeholders is a client favorite. Everyone is active. Working together in structured exercises to understand buyer behavior.

Willem not only got our customers to share openly about the issues that matter to us, but also helped us understand, absorb, and take the right action on them.

Peter Farago | VP & GM