Win/Loss Analysis That You’ll Act On

Growth Velocity helps Marketing, Sales, and Product leaders make a difference.

We interview a cohort of recent buyers to find the big patterns driving outcomes, and deliver actionable advice to improve outcomes.

We’ll also work with clients to implement these insights when needed. Whether we lead or support, our participation cuts the time needed to improve positioning, product plan, and sales enablement.

The Benefits Of Win/Loss Analysis

We debrief your buyers to obtain data about six milestones during their buying journey,
and then transform it into actionable insight to help you win.

Engaging Marketing

Widen the funnel with marketing that's relevant to the buyer's situation, problems, and goals

Differentiated Messaging

Differentiation that motivates because it’s informed by buyer decision criteria

Effective Enablement

Reps enabled to avoid the hurdles of past deals, including claims made by competitors

Churn Prevention

Better handling of buyers with a higher likelihood of churn, either pre- or post-sale

Win Rate Focus

Targeting, qualifying, and prioritizing high win rate scenarios

Differentiated Product

Development priorities that address how a product really stacks up on the capabilities that matter to buyers

A formal and rigorous win-loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy choices, and sales enablement … those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen up to 50% improvement in win rates.

Todd Berkowitz | Practice Vice President

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Growth Velocity is a team of qualitative and quantitative research experts that can help you quickly and confidently take action. Here’s how we do it.

Plan With A Purpose

At the outset, we translate your business objective into a research plan. We'll interview enough buyers (often just 20) to reveal the major patterns, and avoid apples to oranges comparisons by selecting deals in the same cohort of product, buyer (eg, use case, segment, vertical), and consideration set.

Ask Savvy Questions

Decision making can be deliberate (System 2), quick (System 1), or both. With the metaphor of filming a documentary, we help buyers relax and share freely about their motivations, perceptions, experience, and decision making. Rather than spend precious interview time on questions like "What did you like/dislike about our product" — common in win/loss interview templates — we derive that data by correlating decision criteria with buying behavior.

Insights To Act On

Once we've dug deep to get data from actual buyers, we roll up our sleeves to make it actionable. Analytical frameworks like the directional policy matrix (DPM), competitive scorecarding, and SWOT analysis make major patterns and next steps obvious.

Willem not only got our customers to share openly about the issues that matter to us, but also helped us understand, absorb, and take the right action on them.

Peter Farago | VP & GM