A Rigorous, Tech-Enabled Win/Loss Analysis Service For Complex Sales

We supply “Aha!” moments so you can make a difference with Win/Loss Analysis.

To get a clear understanding of buyer decision making, we follow-up. We probe. We dig deep. We do more than just ask a question and get an answer.

We work exclusively on complex sales in B2B software.

And we use best-of-breed commercial software to automate and enable our win/loss programs. You won’t get locked in. And you’ll be confident of reliability, flexibility, and security.

We can also analyze the interviews for you, and present our findings and recommendations. This is valuable when you don’t have the time, or want a fresh perspective.

Get A Reliable Baseline Win/Loss With Just 34 Deals

1. Maximum Value From Your Pool Of Wins And Losses

In 2023, we needed just 34 wins and losses to complete the 20 interviews in a baseline Win/Loss Analysis. No waiting months or quarters to get enough interviews.

2. Expert Delivery

Growth Velocity’s win/loss programs are delivered by the same expert practitioners you meet during the buying process. You won’t be handed off to a less senior team.

3. Adaptable To Your Situation

We deliver short projects. And we manage continuous programs, often using a qual-quant design. We do analysis and shareouts for some clients, and others do their own. We also enable in-house programs.

4. Robust Interviews

"Great insights for us to act on." "Made an impact throughout the company." Clients love the high quality of our interviews. These quotes show it.

5. No Proprietary Software

We automate buyer outreach and interviews without installing anything new or proprietary into your CRM. No security review needed. No installation and configuration needed.

A formal and rigorous win-loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy choices, and sales enablement … those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen up to 50% improvement in win rates.

Todd Berkowitz | Practice Vice President

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What A Win/Loss Analysis Will Tell You

Prospective buyers ask themselves two essential questions: “Will I?” and “Which one?” We’ll show you how to win those decisions with our Win/Loss Analysis service.

Will I?

To increase opportunity creation and reduce no decisions, our interviews are a deep dive into the buying context, the funding decision, and initial perceptions of the solution space. After analyzing the data to identify the winning patterns and understand why they occur, we recommend improvements to targeting, messaging, and sales process and enablement.

Which one?

To improve opportunity win rate, we interview buyers about their perceptions and thoughts as they shortlisted solutions and then selected one. We make these deep dives actionable by identifying the key criteria that drive wins and losses overall. And we explain how and why buyers assess competing alternatives on those criteria. Teams that have this deep understanding of the criteria that control outcomes are able to make rapid, data-driven improvements.

an animation showing opportunity creation and lead growth
Graphic showing how to make the business case for Win-Loss Analysis

Willem not only got our customers to share openly about the issues that matter to us, but also helped us understand, absorb, and take the right action on them.

Peter Farago | VP & GM