Resources For Win/Loss Analysis

Here we share our perspective and advice on the essentials of Win/Loss Analysis.

Win/Loss Analysis Defined (And How To Upgrade Your Approach)

Win/Loss Analysis defined. Lightweight and rigorous approaches compared. And how to architect an upgrade to your win/loss program.

Architecting A Win/Loss Program To Meet Your Goals

Win/Loss programs have a life cycle of their own. The Win/Loss Lifecycle is a useful framework for thinking about your options and deciding what kind of program you need.

Guide To Choosing The Best Data Sources For Your Win/Loss Analysis

Guide to the pros and cons of four common data sources for Win/Loss Analysis: CRM Reason Codes, Sales Team Surveys, Buyer Surveys, and Buyer Interviews.

Template For Conducting A Win/Loss Analysis

Seven steps for making an impact with Win/Loss Analysis. This is the one-page cheatsheet version.

Sample Size For Win/Loss Analysis: A Framework for Deciding How Many Interviews You Need

How to decide on the best sample size for your Win/Loss Analysis using statistics and other factors.

How To Conduct A Win/Loss Analysis

This is the real guide to conducting a Win/Loss Analysis based on independent buyer interviews. The seven steps described here have been proven through years of in-the-trenches experience.