Win/Loss Analysis Resources

Which issues can a win/loss analysis help you solve? Which data sources should you use? For example, what are the pros and cons of CRM reason codes vs buyer interviews? How many buyers should you debrief? And which topics should your interview or survey cover? How should you analyze the data? And what does a win/loss report look like?

We’ve developed the win/loss resources and guides on this page to help you answer those questions, and more.

Here we share our perspective and advice on how to architect a win/loss program, choose the best data sources, decide how large your sample needs to be, choose the topics you’ll cover in interviews or surveys, and then analyze the data and report your findings.

Win/Loss Analysis: What Is It? How Do Programs Start? How Do They Level Up?

Win/Loss Analysis at a glance: what a Win/Loss Analysis is, data sources, how in-house win/loss programs start, and how organizations level up.

Win/Loss Analysis Templates – A Buyer’s Guide

We’ve studied dozens of templates for Win/Loss Analysis to help you quickly find the one that meets your needs.

Architecting A Win/Loss Program To Meet Your Goals

Win/Loss programs have a life cycle of their own. The Win/Loss Lifecycle is a useful framework for thinking about your options and deciding what kind of program you need.

Guide To Choosing The Best Data Sources For Your Win/Loss Analysis

Guide to the pros and cons of four common data sources for Win/Loss Analysis: CRM Reason Codes, Sales Team Surveys, Buyer Surveys, and Buyer Interviews.

Our Seven Step Plan For A Successful Win/Loss Analysis

Seven steps for making an impact with Win/Loss Analysis. This is our one-page cheatsheet version.

Sample Size For Win/Loss Analysis: A Framework for Deciding How Many Interviews You Need

How to decide on the best sample size for your Win/Loss Analysis using statistics and other factors.

How To Conduct A Win/Loss Analysis

This is the real guide to conducting a Win/Loss Analysis based on independent buyer interviews. The seven steps described here have been proven through years of in-the-trenches experience.