Loose targeting leads to a lower LTV:CAC ratio

How To Target The Strongest Buyer Segments In This New Market And Generate More Opportunities For Sales

In March this year, everything changed—for you and for your buyers. Make go-to-market teams more efficient and more likely to meet your new opportunity targets by realigning around the strongest buyer segments in this new market.

How To Continue Prospecting During A Crisis Without Undermining Future Revenue

The disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic are forcing us to change, setting aside the tried and true. Prospecting must change, too.

How Data From A CRM Can Transform Your Lost Deal Reviews

I often find Lost Deal Reviews get lost in the details. Could a CRM provide “just enough” data to make your Lost Deal Reviews productive?

Play better offense

Do you have to be in pain to put Win/Loss Analysis to good use? More than half the small and mid-size technology companies we engaged with this year were motivated by opportunity, not pain.

The Demand Gen Priority Matrix

We’re fans of the Demand Gen Priority Matrix because it requires no changes to value proposition or any other aspect of a vendor’s offering to quickly improve pipeline coverage and quality.

What’s holding you back from landing better?

As an enterprise sales leader, you need to win faster, win more, and win bigger in 2019, and it all begins with landing better.

5 Sins of Staying in the Building

Feedback and perspective from decision makers in your closed deals reality checks “inside thinking” and generates the “Aha” moments that help you avoid these 5 sins of inside thinking.

24 Ways to Ace Your Win/Loss Analysis

Twenty-four tips for acing the details of a Win/Loss analysis - so you get better data, faster, and a more impactful analysis.

How To Lift Win Rates By Up To 50% With Win/Loss

The benefits of Win/Loss Analysis are well known and documented by independent analysts like Gartner. Yet, little has been written about how these gains are being achieved. Here are 5 tips for winning more deals with Win/Loss.

Q&A: Market Insights at a Microservices Tools Vendor

CEO Mark Brewer describes Lightbend's experience with customer research in the open-source microservices tools market.

How To Regain Product/Market Fit

Enterprise products often begin underperforming when they reach the broad base of junior people in mainstream enterprises. I describe a technique for regaining product/market fit.

The Move to Microservices, From the Front Lines

Microservices architecture usage is spreading from savvy technology companies to mainstream enterprises. I share five observations, from the front lines.