By replacing assumptions about buyers with buyer insight
you will win faster, and win more with the same setup

Increase buyer engagement during early discovery and demo calls

Learn which problems and payoffs trigger urgency, and why. What do champions hear that increases engagement with you, or reduces it.

Fix weaknesses in sales process and execution that make reps inefficient

Which roles on the buying team are champions struggling to win over? Which arguments work with them, which don’t, and why? MEDDIC can tell you who you need, but not how to get them on your side.

Insight to action methodology

Through innovation and iteration we’ve shrunk the impact on your time to get started, and aim to deliver our analysis and recommendations 45 days after kickoff, and begin action planning with your team.

“Willem not only got our customers to share openly about the issues that matter to us, but also helped us understand, absorb, and take the right action on them.”

Peter Farago, VP & GM Flurry

“I was impressed by the quality and depth of the buyer interviews. Willem is politely persistent and gets real nuggets from people that it’d be hard for us to get on our own.”

Dave Martin, VP, Worldwide Sales & Alliances, Lightbend

Case Study: How One Ecommerce Platform Hit An All-Time High In Active Shops



Tips and tricks for increasing sales and marketing conversion with buyer insights. Via email, every other month.

Willem Maas


I am an entrepreneur and technologist with deep experience growing products and innovating new ones at both startups and major technology companies.

I’ve been interviewing buyers and customers throughout my career, for 20 years. I’ve found that a great interview requires not just smart questions, but making the champion comfortable, knowing which loose ends to follow, and how to politely persist to get down to the details of a decision.

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