More engaged decision makers. Shorter sales cycles. More won deals.

Growth Velocity provides Win/Loss Analysis and other buyer research to B2B technology companies that want to increase sales and marketing conversion.

We find the meaningful patterns in decision maker data (eg, in-depth interviews, surveys, CRM records) using coding, counting, and affinity diagramming techniques.

We seek results more than insights alone, and put that principle into practice in three significant ways:

  1. Buyer Personas? Pricing? Sales Enablement? We begin at the end – where should buyer insights be operationalized first to meet your priorities and maximize ROI. Our research is then organized to gather the necessary data.
  2. Ownership transfer. While our perspective and analysis as an expert 3d party is invaluable, we also use a technique called affinity diagramming to get your sales and marketing stakeholders engaged in finding meaningful patterns in the data. The group’s domain experience and perspective always yields new insights, and increases uptake of the findings across the company.
  3. Onward, to implementation. We supply objectivity and depth as the buyer insights are operationalized by your team.

Buyer Insights Make These 6 Sales and Marketing Programs More Effective

#1. Buyer Qualification – qualify harder, earlier, and more often

#2. Sales Enablement – the buyer experience is the foundation of an effective Sales Enablement program

#3. Pricing – find opportunities to increase pricing, or support for an already premium price

#4. Ideal Customer Profile – truly target your Ideal Customer

#5. Buyer Personas – generate more inbound leads with content marketing that accurately reflects the buyer’s reality

#6. Buyer Journey Mapping – know the triggers and touchpoints on the buyer’s journey to make compelling Marketing and Sales interactions

Case Study: How One Ecommerce Platform Hit An All-Time High In Active Shops



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Willem Maas


I am an entrepreneur and technologist with deep experience growing products and innovating new ones at both startups and major technology companies.

I combine passion and creativity with an approach that’s data-based and inclusive.

I was most recently VP Product at HangIt, where we developed a platform for location based messaging and marketing on mobile devices.

Green Tech was my focus during the aughts, first as founder/CEO of, a leading consumer destination for green home improvement that was acquired by U.S. Green Building Council. I was also VP Product Management at Vigilent.

Prior to that, I worked in the CRM market at Andromedia (Adobe), HNC (FICO), and Inference (eGain).

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